Reasons why music works as a therapy

What is music therapy?

ThisĀ is an evidence-based clinical approach to the use of music interventions aimed at accomplishing individual goals in a therapeutic relationship and done by a music therapist accredited professional.

Reasons why music works as a therapy

Studies reveals the fact that music plays critical and crucial roles that makes life worth living. Music therapists actually use music to bring healing and bring help to different categories of people with different illnesses and diseases. Whether you need a social, emotional, developmental, or cognitive help, music therapy has all the solutions. The following are therefore are the reasons behind the power of music:

musicState of mind. Music therapy can be used to bring about a positive attitude or state of mind. With a positive mind, all forms of anxiety, depression, and stress are kept at bay. When this happens, other social, economic, and psychological benefits will result due to a state of positive mind and optimism.

Brain waves. According to research studies, strong beat music stimulates the brainwaves to respond to sync and beat. The faster the best, the sharper the concentration and thus brings about alert thinking. The slower the tempo of the music, the more calmness and mediation results.

Heart rate and breathing. When the brainwaves are altered, there is also alteration in the bodily functions that are controlled by the autonomic nervous system such as breathing and heart rate. In this case, music can be used to counteract and prevent the effects of stress, and in lowering blood pressure.

In conclusion, music plays an important role and is thus used as a therapy by trained professionals. Apart from the above benefits of using music as a therapy, music also plays a significant role in boosting immunity, and in easing the muscle tension among others. Therefore, we can conclude and say, music is not only meant for entertainment but rather, it is a therapy.