Hobbies are those regular activities that people do to pass time and also as a form of recreation. The more active the hobby, the higher the chances of living a healthier, longer life. What are these hobbies?For example; caring for a pet,creating art / doing crafts and fishing on a boat docs ,dancing,gardening ,golfing etc.

Seniors, although there is no specific age that determines when one can be referred to as a senior, it is safe to say that a senior is a person ranging from the late fifties. Hobbies are very important and useful when it comes to seniors.

Hobbies tend to help seniors such that:

• They act as a form of workout for the seniors since they get a chance to involve themselves in activities that keep them active both physically where you get to move and stretch your muscles and mentally.
• Hobbies help improve memory and stimulate ones mental capabilities.
• Seniors who partake in various hobbies tend to be happier and more relaxed which helps slow down the aging process.
• Hobbies helps reduce stress since you get to have something to concentrate on hence reducing any stress.
• Hobbies help reduce boredom.
• Hobbies enhances the seniors ability to focus.
• They help improve self esteem reducing emotional problems such as depression.


There are various hobbies that seniors can engage in. 

1. Logical games. It is very common to find seniors engaging themselves in games like puzzle solving, Yahtzee, Scrabble and Monopoly just to name a few. This helps keep their minds active and enhances their memory and mental capabilities. Logical games also help them pass time and be more creative.
2. Knitting. Knitting is a very common hobby that is really helpful to the elderly. Knitting helps with hand eye coordination, mobility and maintained dexterity. It helps in boosting their joint and finger strength. It also allows them to be as creative as they want whereby they can know different designs of different items like scarfs.
3. Gardening. Gardening is one of the most involving and fun activities that one can use to pass time. Gardening helps us connect with nature. Gardening is a helpful hobby for the elderly since it helps them exercise keeping them physically fit and energized. It also helps them get mentally stimulated. Gardening also helps in encouraging the various motor skills which include walking, reaching and bending. You often find that seniors end up creating interesting, accessible and productive gardens.
4. Crafting. When choosing crafting activities for seniors, it is good to take into consideration the fact that elder people’s fingers move a bit slow. It’s best to start them with the crafts that are simple and easy to complete. Crafting helps prevent boredom and keep the seniors mind active. It also helps improve ones hand eye coordination and their cognitive abilities.
5. Swimming. Swimming is one of the most interesting hobbies with minimal risk to injury. Swimming allows full muscle work out and offers various health benefits whereby:
• It is a workout that does not affect the people with joint pain and discomfort.
• Makes ones heart stronger and helps lower blood pressure.
• It helps increase the seniors flexibility.
• It helps improve ones muscle strength.
• It helps reduce stress hence boosting mental health.
6. Fixing up vintage cars for fun. This is one hobby that allows one to challenge their mind to the maximum and get as creative as they can. It allows one to be patient and motivated. At the end of the day, one knows that they may even end up earning some money by selling the fixed car. And since most seniors are on a fixed income, it tends to be a productive hobby. Fixing cars also makes one physically fit. And also encourages ones motor skills.
7. Taking Photos. Photography is one hobby that is very involving and has you in a different zone. With photography as a hobby, it allows seniors to be creative on what photos to capture and also engages them with their various environment. Photography also helps with physical exercise since one has to keep moving around to manage capturing different photos.
8. Dancing. Dancing is one of the physically involving hobbies that help improve muscle strength and function in seniors. Dancing also helps reduce chances of heart diseases. It also helps reduce stress which makes it therapeutic. You also find dancers very happy due to the music and the kind of vibe it brings with it.
seniours hobby
This basically shows that hobbies are very important to seniors since they help them live longer, healthier and happier.